Zika Education Workshop

                             Zika Education Workshop

The Bell County Public Health District is preparing for an active mosquito season starting in May and continuing through September. With new cases in Cameron County, Texas of locally transmitted Zika disease, the Health District is beginning preparation efforts to help Bell County cities be better prepared and educated on this possible threat.

Starting in February 2017, we are offering training and education workshops around the County to discuss mosquito abatement techniques, reduction of mosquito habitats, and treatment of mosquito pools.

To schedule a Zika Workshop for your City’s Public Works Department please call:
Lacey Sanders, Epidemiologist

If you have questions or concerns regarding Zika or mosquito habitats, please contact the Bell County Public Health District’s Epidemiologist at: lsanders@bellcountyhealth.org

Thank you in advance for your response.

Together we can make our Bell County a healthier place to live.

Cathy Brem, M.S.
Bell County Public Health District
Preparedness Program Director
201 N. 8th Street
Temple, TX 76501