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Retail Food Inspection Reports

The Bell County Public Health District provides the following inspection reports as conducted during the active month. See the link below for the week of interest for the current month. For inspections for past months see the menu to the left, hover over "Retail Food Inspection Reports" and select the appropriate month.

The score indicated for each facility reflects the number of points deducted from a base score of 100.  Each violation has a point value depending on the nature and “seriousness” of the violation in relation to food safety.

Violations are categorized as “priority items” (3 points), “priority foundation items” (2 points), and “core items” (1 point).

Priority Items (3 points) are those items that directly eliminate, minimize or otherwise prevent an incident of food-borne illness or injury.  Violations of these items are serious and are immediately addressed.

Priority Foundation Items (2 points) are those items that directly support and cause or assist in the accomplishment of Priority Items.  Violations of these items are not quite as serious, but are also addressed in a manner that will allow for safe operations of the facility.

Core Items (1 point) are the remaining items that usually relate to maintenance, upkeep, general sanitation items and likely have minimal effect on the facility’s ability to operate safely, but are required to be addressed and corrected in a timely manner determined by the overall risk.

Bell County Public Health District’s policy of correction of violations is consistent with the standards that allow for elimination of direct, immediate hazards associated with any violation, regardless of the severity.  Some corrections may be waived for immediate response due to their nature or minimal risk.  At the very least, all remaining violations will be checked for correction at the next scheduled inspection or sooner as the risk would require.

Multiple violations of the same item number are only counted once, but it is possible to have multiple items in the same category that are combined.

If you have any questions relating to the actual score and what it means, please contact the Food Protection Division at 254-771-2106.  Office hours are Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Friday 8:00-11:30 a.m.

To see our reports please click "Inspection Reports" in the menu to the left for a listing. Reports are dated for the week of inspection. 

Note: All inspection reports are in PDF format.