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The Health District can address some complaints about public health issues, but individuals who live in a city or municipality should first check with their city or municipality government to see if their complaints can be addressed. For code enforcement issues please see the list of numbers for cities and municipalities on our contact page. Additional numbers for resources in Temple and Killeen can be found.

In addition, concerns within private residences cannot be investigated by the health district. We do not have the authority to enter private homes and inspect or regulate them. If you have issues with mold you may contact someone to do an assessment in your home to determine if mold exists and if it is a health risk. For information on where to find a professional, you may search on the Texas DSHS website. The license search can be utilized to search licenses for Mold Assessment and Remediation Companies by City or County. The FAQ's page has information pertaining to the Mold program, but most of the time the mold in rental housing portion is the best resource for those who are experiencing mold difficulties in their homes..

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