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Health Data & Statistics

Often citizens seek information about health in the place where they live. Here are some resources for citizens to obtain statistical data and other information about health in Bell County.

County Health Rankings and Roadmaps –

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in concert with the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute compiles data for counties in participating states across the U.S and considers a number of variables to assess Health Factors (behaviors, social and economic factors, clinical care, and the physical environment) which impact Health Outcomes (length and quality of life) and both are measured to rank counties. To find information on Bell County click the link above and select Texas and then Bell County on the map to view our Health Rankings in Health Factors and Health Outcomes.

Texas Cancer Registry Query Tool –

If residents are interested in information about cancer incidence (the number of newly reported cases) and mortality (the number of reported deaths) they can utilize the Texas Cancer Registry’s Query Tool online which gives the ability to view information for the State of Texas as well as by County. Click the link above to access the Query Tool. Questions about the use of the tool should be directed to the Texas Cancer Registry staff at

Texas Center for Health Statistics –

The Texas DSHS Center for Health Statistics also offers a wonderful query resource that can be viewed by County and includes population information, birth data, mortality data, and some basic communicable disease data as well. Click the link above to access that website. Questions about that data should be directed to the Center for Health Statistics at

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