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Food handler training resources: Accredited Food Handler Internet (Online) Training Programs

Food Handler Card
Class Schedule
$20.00      2 year
$  5.00      Duplicate
$25.00      DVD (one-time fee) 

Bell County Permit
$150.00     Small     1 - 12   Employees
$225.00     Med       13 - 24 Employees
$300.00     Large     25 +     Employees


City of Temple Permit


City of Killeen Permit



City of Harker Heights Permit


Mobile Food Unit (click CITY VENDOR FEES for the required city Vendor/Peddler Permit fees) 

$125.00      Full-Service Unit
$75.00        Limited Service Unit
$25.00        Each Additional Unit

Bell County Commissary 
(Commissaries are not mandatory in Bell County. However, these fees apply to any commissary falling outside of the following city limits in Bell County: Temple, Killeen, or Harker Heights)
$100.00      Full Service
$50.00        Limited

Foster Home Inspection (Application MUST be printed or sent via email and paid for prior to setting up an inspection)
Inspection Application


Day Care Inspection 
$30.00             #children licensed for 1 to 20
$75.00             #children licensed for 21 to 99
$100.00           #children licensed for 100 +

FEE SCHEDULE  (Now accepting cash, debit, or credit cards) There is a $3.00 processing fee per $100 charged by the credit/debit card company to your account.

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